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Il Ginepro, farm holiday which has been recently built, stands in aenviable position; it is placed in the beautiful Sinis’s Penisula,built up at 200 meters from the S’Anea Scoada bathing beach andsurrounded by Mediterranean flora with pines, carobs and rosemaryplants which expand till the sea. The farm holiday is just 500 metersfrom the amazing sandy Putzu Idu beach and from salt mines, whichhosts pink flamingos throughout most of the year.

Surrounded by the green of the Maquis Shrubland Surrounded by the green of the Maquis Shrubland.

Looking at the sea it is possible to glimpse Maldiventre Island at 8 kilometers from the beach, with is a white quartz beach easilyreachable by touristic boat, which only takes about 10/15 minutes.

Driving 15 minutes, hidden in 500 hectares of pinewoods andMediterranean flora, you would be able to reach golf fields and IsArenas beach. At about 20 kilometers further, there are the famousTharros ruins and Is Arutas and San Giovanni beaches.

Essential Ingredients…

Near S’Anea Scoada beach, at only 300 meters, there are surf, canoeand kite-surf courses, you could rent a motorboat or a bicycle forexcursion.The farm holiday Il Ginepre, situated in San Vero Milis Area, inOristano County, is arranged in 11 bedrooms, three of which are doublewith independent entrance and private bathroom, while, the other eightrooms are organized in four small apartments with two rooms each,available for 4 or 5 people with bathroom but without kitchen. That’sideal for families or groups of friends!

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